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List of Names

This list of names are in alphabetical order. You can click directly on a name and you will be taken to a page with that block enlarged.
NameDatesNotable Achievement
Adams, John1735-18262nd President of the U.S.
Alcott, Louisa May1832-1888Novelist; Little Women
Aldrin, Buzz1930-2nd Person on the Moon
Anthony, Susan B.1820-1906Women's Rights Advocate
Armstrong, Louis1901-1971Jazz Musician
Armstrong, Neil1930-1st Man on the Moon
Astaire, Fred1899-1987Broadway Stage Dancer
Audubon, John J.1785-1851Painter, Ornithologist
Ball, Lucille1911-1989"I Love Lucy"; Actress
Barnum, P. T. & Bailey, J. A.1810-1891Ringling Brothers Circus
Barton, Clara1821-1912American Red Cross Founder
Baum, L. Frank1856-1919Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Beamer, Todd1968-2001911 Hero- Passenger Flight 93
Bell, Alexander Graham1847-1922Inventor of the Telephone
Bergh, Henry1811-1888Founder of ASPCA
Boone, Daniel1734-1820Pioneer, Explorer, Surveyor
Borglum, Gutzon1867-1941Sculptor of Mount Rushmore
Borlaug, Norman1914-2009World Food Prize Founder
Bowie, James "Jim"1796-1836Pioneer, Soldier, Bowie Knife
Brainerd, David1718-1747Native Americans Missionary
Brown, Margaret Tobin1867-1932Famous Titanic Survivor
Burnett, Frances Hodgson1849-1924Author , The Secret Garden
Carson, Kit1809-1868Frontiersman, Explorer, Scout
Carson, Rachel1907-1964Pioneer of Ecology
Carver, George Washington1860-1943Scientist, Botanist, Educator
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd1823-1893Underground Railroad
Chapman, John1774-1845Missionary, Gardener- Apples
Chavez, Cesar1927-1993United Farm Workers (UFW)
Clemens, Samuel1835-1910"Mark Twain" ; Tom Sawyer
Cody, Buffalo Bill1846-1917Soldier, Hunter, Showman
Crockett, Davy1786-1836King of the Wild Frontier
Dickinson, Susannah1814-1883Patriot, Alamo Survivor
Disney, Walt1901-1966Disneyland, Mickey Mouse
Douglass, Frederick1818-1895Abolitionist Newspaper
Earhart, Amelia1897-1937Woman Flier; Lost at Sea
Eastman, George1854-1932Eastman Kodak Company
Edison, Thomas1847-1931Inventor of Light Bulb
Edwards, Jonathan1703-1758Preacher, Theologian
Elliott, Henry Wood1846-1930Guardian Angel of Fur Seals
Fields, W. C.1880-1946Comedian, Actor, Juggler
Finney, Charles1792-1875Evangelist, Revivalist
Flagg, James Montgomery1877-1960Artist, Uncle Sam Poster
Ford, Henry1863-1947Model T, Ford Motor Company
Forten, James1766-1842American Moral Reform Society
Foulois, Benjamin1879-1967Flew 1st Military Planes
Franklin, Benjamin1706-1790Patriot, Writer, Politician
Garland, Judy1922-1969Actress, "Over the Rainbow"
Gehrig, Lou1903-1941Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939
Geisel, Theodor S.1904-1991Writer, Cartoonist, Dr. Seuss
Graham, Billy1918-Evangelist, Spiritual Advisor
Grant, Ulysses S.1822-188518th Pres., Civil War Commander
Gray, Asa1810-1888Botanist, Gray's Manual
Hale, Nathan1755-1776America's First Spy
Hale, Sarah1788-1879Poet, Editor, Author
Hancock, John1737-1793Declaration of Independence
Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961Author; Old Man and the Sea
Hensen, Jim1936-1990Puppeteer, Sesame Street
Henson, Matthew & Peary, Robert1866-1955Explorers of North Pole
Houston, Sam1793-18631st President of Republic of Texas
Jackson, Andrew1767-18457th President, “Old Hickory"
Jefferson, Thomas1743-18263rd President, Architect
Keckley, Elizabeth1818-1907Seamstress, Author
Keller, Helen & Sullivan, Anne1880-1968Lifelong Companions
Kennedy, John F.1917-196335th President, Assassinated
Key, Francis Scott1779-1843The Star Spangled Banner
King, Jr. Martin L.1929-1968Civil Rights Spiritual Leader
Kuhlman, Katherine1907-1976Evangelist, Faith Healing
Lake, John G.1870-1935Lake's Divine Healing Rooms
Lewis & Clark1770-1838Lewis & Clark Expedition
Lincoln, Abraham1809-186516th President, Assassinated
Lindbergh, Charles1902-1974Aviator, Author, Inventor
Louis, Joe1914-1981Champion Boxing Hero
Madison, James1751-18364th President
Marx Brothers1890-1977Vaudeville, Broadway, Actors
Mather, Cotton1663-1728Author, Puritan Minister
McCormick, Cyrus1809-1884Industrialist, Inventor
McGuffey, William1800-1873Eclectic & McGuffey Readers
Melville, Herman1819-1891Novelist, Moby Dick
Monroe, James1758-18315th President
Monroe, Rose Will1920-1997Rosie the Riveter
Moody, D. L.1837-1899Bible Institute, Wordless Book
Murphy, Audie1926-1971Decorated Soldier of W.W. II
Oakley, Annie1860-1926Sharpshooter, Performer
Parks, Rosa1913-2005Civil Rights Activist
Patton, Jr. George S.1885-1945United States Army Officer
Penn, William1644-1718City of Philadelphia
Pillsbury, Charles1842-1899Flour Mills, Pillsbury Company
Pocahontas1595-1617Saved Captain John Smith
Powers, Harriet1837-1910Slave, Folk Artist, Quilt Maker
Presley, Elvis1935-1977The King, Rock & Roll Star
Reagan, Ronald1911-200440th President, Actor
Reed, Walter1851-1902Pathologist, Bacteriologist
Remington, Eliphalet1793-1861Blacksmith, Remington Rifle
Revere, Paul1735-1818Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Robinson, Jackie1919-19721st Black Major League Player
Rockefeller, John D.1839-1937Industrialist, Philanthropist
Rockwell, Norman1894-1978Saturday Evening Post Artist
Roosevelt, Franklin D.1882-1945Elected 4 Times for President
Roosevelt, Theodore1858-191926th President
Rosenthal, Joe1911-2006Iwo Jima Famous Photo
Ross, Betsy1752-1836Made the 1st flag
Rudolph, Wilma1940-1994Track & Field Champion
Ruth, Babe1895-1948Best Loved Baseball Player
Sacagawea1788-1812Accompanied Lewis & Clark
Salk, Jonas1914-1995Developed Polio Vaccine
Sampson, Deborah1760-1827Joined the Continental Army
Schultz, Charles1922-2000Cartoonist, Artist, Peanuts
Sequoyah1770-1843Sequoyah's Syllabary
Seymour, William1870-1922Azusa Street Revival
Squanto1580-1622Helped Pilgrims Survive
Standish, Miles1584-1656Commander Plymouth Colony
Stewart, Jimmy1908-1997Film & Stage Actor, 92 Films
Stowe, Harriet Beecher1811-1896Wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Terrell, Mary Church1863-1954Women's Rights; World Peace
The Space Shuttle Challenger1/28/1986Space Shuttle Disaster
Truth, Sojourner1797-1883Women's Rights Convention
Tubman, Harriet1822-1913Underground Railroad
Von Braun, Wernher1912-1977Rocket Scientist, NASA Enginr.
Walton, Sam1918-1992Entrepreneur, Wal-Mart
Washington, Booker T.1856-19151st Pres. Tuskeegee Institute
Washington, George1732-17991st President of U.S.
Wayne, John1907-1979Actor, Director, Producer
Webster, Daniel1782-1852Orator, Politician, Statesman
Webster, Noah1758-1843Lexicographer; Dictionary
Wesley, John & Charles1703-1791Preachers & Theologians
Weyerhaeuser, Fred1834-1914Lumber, Timber Company
Whitefield, George1714-177018th Century Revival
Whitney, Eli1765-1825Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Wilder, Laura Ingalls1867-1957Little House on the Prairie
Wright, Frank Lloyd1867-1959Architect- Prairie School Mvt.
Wright, Wilbur & Orville1867-19121st Sustained Airplane Flight
York, Sgt. Alvin C.1887-1964Decorated Soldier of W.W. I