We The People changed the history of the United States - a quilte by Sherry Sorbera
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Why I made it...

I was inspired to make a quilt about people who changed the history of the United States when I saw the children's book My Fellow Americans: A Family Album by Alice Provensen. This quilt is titled "We the People: Changed the History of the United States" because I wanted to show that one person can change the course of a nation by going through life and doing what they are passionate about. This is what formed the United States into the great nation that it is today.

This quilt is my original design and has 132 blocks depicting the lives of 146 people. The quilt's top banner shows the people in alphabetical order by their last names. The rest of the quilt shows the people in chronological order by the date of their birth. All of these people made a difference in our history and deserve honor.

Several were heroes who fought in wars that made our country stronger. Many were early pioneers, patriots, entrepreneurs, and spiritual leaders. Also changing our history were explorers, inventors, politicians, military Medal of Honor winners, and even Presidents. Civil rights activists, musicians, and authors, astronauts, sports champions, comedians, actresses, and a 911 hero who was a passenger on Flight 93, were all people who changed the history of the United States.

This quilt took me 2 years to finish. I did all the research for each block choosing how I wanted to honor each person. I used Adobe Photoshop and printed each block on EQ Printables, which is a material product that can be run through your printer. I chose an experienced custom quilter, Karen Nanos, to quilt it on her longarm quilting machine.

The United States is a great nation because of individuals who are passionate about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless,
Sherry Sorbera